Dog Friendly Disney

Meet Lizzie

Lizzie had a rough start in life. Found with her brother as a very young puppy by a local animal control, she spent months there. Her brother was adopted. Lizzie was not. Eventually she was transferred to the Humane Society. She was over a year old when we met her.
Lizzie was pretty fearful of humans but loved other dogs. She was often brought out to help other dogs feel better after unsuccessful meet and greets. That’s how we met her. Our very large breed rescue had just lost his companion and we brought him in to meet another large dog. His size can be intimidating and not for everyone so the visit didn’t go well. Lizzie was brought out to play so we could leave feeling positive about the visit.
My kids fell in love and we signed up for a week trial. Lizzie’s only other 7 day trial ended up with her jumping the fence and going missing for 2 weeks. She was definitely a challenge. We had never had a dog that couldn’t be trusted in the yard unsupervised. But hard work has paid off and she is not the same dog we adopted two years ago.

This hard work resulted in a very strong bond between Lizzie and my daughter. Lizzie still gets very anxious when separated from “her human”. With her past it is also challenging to find appropriate boarding – she HAS to be in an enclosed kennel, as she can (and will) climb the chain link. So while every dog is different, for instance our larger dog would hate to travel – instead he gets a trusted house sitter – Lizzie accompanies us on many trips.

On a road trip to the east coast we decided to visit Walt Disney World, when in Rome after all..
We were excited about the dog friendly options Disney offers!

Both Disney’s Yacht Club and Disney’s Art of Animation Resorts have dog friendly options!

During our move from the Yacht Club to Art of Animation Lizzie spent the night at The Best Friends Pet Hotel! Beautiful facility right on Disney property – she had a great time!

Dog friendly options at the Disney World Resort include Disney’s Yacht Club, Disney’s Art of Animation, Disney Port Orleans Resort-Riverside and the cabins Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground.

We have now navigated Disney with a dog on multiple occasions. If you are planning on traveling with your best friend, contact me and I can help you work out the details!

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